Precision Hosting

Who is protecting your intellectual property?

Do you know them personally?

Our clients rely on rapid access to their electronic information. As information and knowledge drive the modern economy, a firm’s data is the foundation of their continued business success.

At PrecisionIT, security is the primary building block for all of our relationships and all of our solutions.  Our focus is protection of your systems and data from compromise and loss. Our solutions are designed to ensure that authorized employees get appropriate access to the systems and data they need to do their work. And conversely, that unauthorized individuals cannot get access to those systems and data.

The information technology tools available to companies are evolving rapidly. As technology evolves, the security profile of the new technology is often overlooked in adoption. For example, as cloud file sharing services have emerged, firms adopting the technology have failed to ask where their information is stored or assessed the security profile of the firms storing their information.  Consumers and even many businesses often leave this up to the third party service provider with few questions.

The confidential information of companies like Standard Oil of the 1870s was secured under lock and key. If that information was leaked, it was prohibitively expensive to reproduce or distribute that information to anyone to use profitably. Today we rely on complex algorithms and other security policies to ensure that confidential electronic data is stored securely and protected during transmission. At PrecisionIT, we help you choose the information technology that will best meet your security needs, create the most robust security policies, and then manage that technology to ensure a robust security profile.